My name is Anna and this is my online home. My intention here is to share some personal stories from my life and also guidance I receive . I hope that it helps you, but with some selfishness, I hope it helps me too. I have been feeling the nudge to put myself out here in cyberspace and this is one way I am experimenting with this process.

Humanity intrigues me, especially my own. I have been dissecting my life and my mind, with passion and intention, for over 15 years. I'm always learning and growing. I consider myself a lifelong student and if I'm lucky enough to help someone with what I've been blessed to learn then it is my honor to serve as a messenger for what they've been needing or wanting to know. This life is one big, fun, crazy ride and I know that it is all for something. I didn't always see it that way though. I've had to take ownership and make peace with some of the personal decisions I've made out of fear, desperation, low self worth and naiveté. There are many things I'm not proud of, and I've learned to grow and love myself because of these things. I've heard motivational speakers talk about how transformational failure and disappointment can be in life. I hate to agree with a cliché notion, but it is true.

Today, I simply want to be someone I can be proud of at the end of the day. Someone that my children can see as an example of growth, change and betterment being possible, at any age. I still have things that I can improve daily, but I'm working on accepting myself in every moment, even when I'm not my best self. I'm eager to share the loving guidance I receive from my spirit team in hopes that maybe it will “amplify the light” within you to remember who you are and love yourself more too. I believe that the more we love and accept ourselves, we are thus able to extend that love to be more compassionate and understanding of others and we can each make this planet a better place one peaceful person at a time.

If you stumbled upon this page or were directed to my posts, I'd like to think that it's the Universe's magical way of bringing us together. I hope that you find a little nugget of whatever you want or maybe need right now through this connection.

With Love,